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Thanks so much to everyone for the support and the well wishes so far with our new venture! DESECRATOR came out last month and has been doing well, and we're currently putting together everything for the METAL MESSIAH - HONOUR AMONGST THIEVES CD reissue due out in October!

In addition we are adding stock day by day to our sister Boss Tuneage Store and that stock from other labels will be appearing here very shortly!

JULY 2012 :


Mosh Tuneage is the sister label of legendary UK punk label Boss Tuneage and has been set up to cover the more metal end of things!

We will be re-issuing some classic thrash metal releases from the late 80s/early 90s UK scene, alongside some new bands who have that classic 80s thrash sound at their heart

Many of you will already know that our sister label Boss Tuneage reissued the classic RKT albums by LAWNMOWER DETH and METAL DUCK back in April this year - we are now following those with classic reissues of further releases from the RKT archives with DESECRATOR due out in August and METAL MESSIAH in October, with further classic 80s thrash reissues planned following that! If there is a classic band you'd like to see us reissue, then let us know!

In addition we are also pleased to be distributing/co-releasing the debut album by REIGN OF FURY - "World Detonation" is total 80s thrash worship and yoru new favourite album!!!

Check out the video for "PSYCHO INTENTIONS" from the CDEP (now in stock!) here: